Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Preschool Musical Instruments: Jingle Bell Sticks

I'm not sure who is in love with our newest preschool musical instruments: the kids or me! These Jingle Bell Sticks are perfect for music time, a sensory station, or just for fun! I think we're going to take ours and go Christmas caroling at a rest home next week!

I was originally inspired to make them last month when I saw these sensory sticks. I absolutely loved the concept (we have a lot of sensory needs around here) and thought it would be so easy to turn the idea into musical instruments! And it was!

My first idea was to string the bells onto pipecleaners so the kids could help more, but when I went to pull out the pipecleaners... they were gone! The kids have access to the craft supplies (almost) whenever they want, so sometimes that happens. We still had lots of ribbon, so I settled for a design with more knots!

To make a set of jingle bell sticks for your preschoolers, all you need are bells, ribbon, and wooden dowels. I theaded three bells onto a length of ribbon a little longer than my dowels. I tied one end of the ribbon to the dowel, then wrapped the ribbon and bells around the dowel. Once the bells were in place I wrapped the ribbon back to where I started and tied it off.

Most of the jingle bell sticks needed one more ribbon wrapped and tied around the bells to hold everything in place. This may not be crucial, but I really want these things to last!

Finally, I used a lighter to warp the ends of the ribbon so they wouldn't fray.

And... ta da! Easy DIY preschool musical instruments!! 

Did I mention they've been popular?  My kids have been playing these things constantly! Even the toddler and the tween!!

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