Friday, April 7, 2017

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Preschool Butterfly Puzzles {FREE}

Our caterpillars have all changed into chrysalises, and our preschoolers are super excited to meet our new butterfly friends! I have a couple butterfly math activities that have joined an ever-growing list of things I need to get up on the blog!!

This is one butterfly activity that I just love, and it has SO many possible ways to use it!

There are six butterflies -- each is half colored in -- and six butterfly wings that match the "blank" sides of the butterflies.

You can make a file folder game with the pieces, cut out the butterflies and stick magnetic tape on the pieces, play a memory game with it, use it as a coloring page, and more!!

It helps developing visual discrimination skills, a concept of symmetry, and provides another chance to talk about and review colors. Plus, it's lots of fun! My older kids keep coming over to "help" the preschoolers figure them out!

I made a little video showing a few of the ways we've used them:

And if you're looking for more {FREE} insect printables, click here!

Also, keep watching for our butterfly's scheduled for early next week live!!


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