Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Preschool SHARK Activities Packet!

SHARKS!!! We seriously love them!! Even my preschoolers think they are super cool, and if my kids like them, I imagine there are other kids who like them too! Sooooo... I put together a new Shark Preschool Activities Packet! Just in time for summer!

This packet has SIX sets of hands-on movement-filled learning activities!

Do you need a quick game for your preschooler? Got it!

Do you want to teach about a shark's life cycle? Got it!

Does your preschooler like to color? Covered!

What about matching or puzzles? Got them both!

I even have letter cards in this set!!

Here's a quick overview of all the Shark Activity Printables you'll find in this packet:

1- Life Cycle Spinner! Use this to learn about the life cycle of sharks that lay egg sacs (also known as mermaid purses)! I also included some fun biology information about the brown banded bamboo shark that is featured in the spinner! NOTE: You can get this activity FREE as a sample HERE! 💕

2- Shark Swim Game! Preschoolers love games...especially if they require rolling dice! This game is straight-forward, and includes fun "special" squares like "move forward two spaces" and "go back to start!" It is great for practicing subitizing, taking turns, and coordinating a one-to-one relationship between your piece and the space the die represents (an important pre-reading skill)! Use two dice to make the game go faster and practice adding!

3- My Shark Book! This fun-to-fold little book introduces six popular sharks--choose to print the full-color version or the coloring-book style! What's your favorite shark?

4- Shadow Matching! The same six sharks in My Shark Book appear in fun matching cards! Can you find each one's "shadow?"  After matching them together you can play memory games too!

5- 4-Piece Puzzles! These puzzles feature different artwork and new sharks--and each includes a label so you know what you're looking at! Build the puzzles separately, mix the pieces together, and then see what happens if you trade out one piece of one puzzle for one piece of another puzzle!

6- Letter Cards! This adorable shark has a letter card for each letter in the alphabet, both uppercase and lower case! Print enough to form your kiddos' names and any words you might be working on! Then spread the letters out on a table, and give your preschoolers fly-swatters to swat the letters you call out! Or spread them on the ground and let them jump on the letters you call! Or spread them out on the floor, place a bowl on one end of the room, and let your preschoolers race to fill the bowl with the shark letters you call out! There are HUNDREDS of activities you can do with these letters!

You can grab this fantastic packet below or on TeachersPayTeachers!


And in all your shark activities, be sure to include these fun shark science experiments!

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