Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Free Christmas Tree Counting Preschool Printable Counting Activity

A couple years ago I started a tradition of sharing free printable activities you can do with your preschooler! They are always popular, so I imagine a lot of you like them. 😉 So, of course, I am happy to share some more with you this year! This one is sort of like a hidden picture, but you are counting Christmas trees!

This game-like activity lets your preschooler practice the following skills:

* sorting
 * visual discrimination
* counting
* number writing (this is definitely optional if your preschooler isn't ready for it!)
* one-to-one relationship
* comparing

And it all has a fun Christmas tree theme! (Confession, I started debating with myself about how early I can set up our Christmas tree on November 1st. It hasn't happened yet, but I cannot guarantee that i will wait until after Thanksgiving!)

Anyway, I like to print things like this and keep them handy for when my preschoolers want to "do school," and I don't have anything planned. My youngest two enjoy writing and doing worksheet-style activities more than their siblings did when they were younger, so it's actually really helpful for me to have activities like this ready to go!

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