Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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Christmas Dinosaurs Preschool Packet

What are you doing with your preschoolers this winter? Do they love dinosaurs? Or games? What about... dinosaurs AND games?!  

The Christmas Dinosaurs Pre-K Pack is full of fun math, language arts, and logic (pre-science) activities!

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Christmas Dinosaurs Pre-K Pack

If you've ever wanted to merge Christmas lights and trees with smiling dinosaurs, this is the perfect packet for you!

It has 50 PAGES of printable activities to keep you and your little dinosaur-lovers playing and growing!

I've always been slightly obsessed with dinosaurs (my first picture book was even about dinosaurs!), and I am always delighted when my kids go through dinosaur phases! We always pull dinosaurs out for "Dinovember," so I was just thinking about what kind of fun dinosaur activities we needed, and I realized: Christmas Dinosaurs!!

So, what's in this packet? Here's a list:

1- Shadow Matching Cards (4 pages, 16 cards)

2- Board Game (1 page)

3- Count & Clip Cards (3 pages, 12 cards)

4- Shape Matching (3 pages, 7 dinosaur shape cutouts)

5- Number Puzzles (1 puzzle with numbers 11-20, 2 puzzles with numbers 1-10)

6- Coloring Pages (4 pages)

7- Dinosaur Dot Pages (5 pages)

8- Playdough Pages (4 pages)

9- Mazes (4 pages)

10- Memory Game (3 pages, 26 matching cards)

11- Cutting/Tracing Pages (3 pages)

12- Dino Baby Letters (13 pages, 52 cards)

You can see there are literally dozens of different activities you can do with these festive dinosaur printables! They are perfect for preschool classroom activities, games with your own children, "school time" activities, or just a fun way to spend time with your kiddos. I'll even give you permission to play with these dinosaurs when it's not Christmas time! ;) 

I usually put our printable activities in a folder in a filing cabinet bin, and the kids will pull them out whenever they're in the mood!

I would LOVE to see how YOU use them! Feel free to tag me on Instagram (Carla.Mae.Jansen) or Facebook (PreschoolPowolPackets)!

And if you're looking for a fun dinosaur-y book, be sure to check out A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze below!

Happy Educating,

A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze!
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