Monday, January 2, 2012


Counting Flip-book (Free Printable!)

It's a new year, so I have a new little freebie for you!  This Counting Flip-book is designed to help preschoolers see the relationships and patterns in counting.

To make the counting flip-book, print the pages in the download and cut-out each box.  Make three piles with numbers 1-9 in each pile (in order with "1" at the top, and "9" at the bottom).  At the top of each pile, place one of the cover squares ("My" on the first pile, "Counting" on the second pile, and "Flip-book" on the third pile).  Punch holes in each pile and bind each pile with yarn or a key chain.  Place the three piles next to each other and cut a piece of cardboard  that would fit all three piles.  Glue the bottom page of each pile (the "9" page) to the cardboard.

You should have a flip-book now that your child can use to count from 1-9 in one column, 10-99 using two columns, and 100-999 using all three columns!  You can also use it to practice counting by tens and hundreds!

Download the free printable counting flip-book here!  Happy New Year!


Having Fun said...

Looks like fun. I'm going to make this for my 4 year old. Thanks.

veronica @

S said...

This is perfect timing! I was wanting to make a flip chart to post on the wall for practice counting and number identification. I will definitely print this one out.
Thank you!