Friday, March 11, 2016

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Bubble Sunflower Art Activity & Bubble Unit

After a week of very rainy days, this Bubble Sunflower Art Activity was exactly what we needed to add a little springtime color to our day!  And be sure to read all the way to the end for a set of bubble unit resources!

Extra bonuses:  the kids LOVE bubbles, paint, and glue!  It was an easy recipe for success.  And, of course, the cutting and gluing was excellent fine motor exercise.

To make your own Bubble Sunflower art, you will need the following

Simple Supplies:

* paint (we used yellow, red, and blue)
* straws
* liquid dishsoap
* plastic cups
* white paper
* construction paper for petals (we used yellow, orange, and pink)
* colored construction paper for background (we used blue and green)
* scissors and glue
*optional: newspaper to cover work surface!

Easy How To:

1- Preparation:  Make your bubble paint!  Put about a tablespoon of paint in the bottom of your plastic cup.  I used mostly yellow with a little red and blue to darken the yellow.  Add about another tablespoon of both liquid dishsoap and water.  Stir it with a straw and give it a test blow.  If the bubbles are all too big, try adding a little more water.  Once you're happy with the bubble paint, cut a bunch of construction paper petals and call your kiddos!  It's time to play!

2- Let your children blow bubbles with their bubble paint until the paint-filled bubbles arch well over the cup.

3- Press the white paper into the bubbles!  You may need about a thousand extra sheets of paper because everyone loves watching the bubbles paint on the paper!

4- Choose your favorite bubble print and let it dry.  Cut out the bubble circle and glue it onto your background.  Half my kids wanted to cut and glue the backgrounds so they had a blue sky and green grass area on their papers.

5- Paste petals around the bubble sunflower middle!

6-  Ta da!!  Beautiful, colorful, and fun bubble sunflowers!!  Hang them up now and enjoy the colors!
Welcome, Spring!  We're so glad you're here!!

Do you love bubbles as much as we do?  You might...they are a pretty popular topic!  Some of our other favorite bubble activities include Edible Bubble Science, Bubble Science with Pumpkins, Bubble Rainbow Science, Frozen Bubbles, and Bubble Spider Webs

But don't stop there! March is National Bubble Month, but you can have a fun Bubble unit any time of the year!  Use these {FREE} resources in your bubble theme planning:

Reading/Writing/Letter Recognition:
Find the Letter B is for Bubbles from 3 Boys and a Dog
Bubbles & Letters Sensory Play from Books and Giggles

Bubble Frames from Brain Power Boy
Bubble Science Experiment from Pre-K Pages
Learning about Bubbles from Our Daily Craft

Blowing Bubbles with Household Objects from Playground Parkbench

Bubble Counting Play Dough Mats from Simple Fun for Kids

Bubble Painting from Play & Learn Every Day
Bubble Sunflower Art Activity from Preschool Powol Packets
DIY Bubble Wands from CraftCreateCalm

Circle Time Bubble Songs from Parenting Chaos

Gross Motor:
Bubble Wrap Gross Motor Play from Schooling a Monkey

I may share at any of these parties!

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Unknown said...

We've never done any bubble painting - it looks like so much fun! Turning it into a sunflower is so creative.