Saturday, March 12, 2016

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Preschool STEM with Blocks!

STEM schools, STEM preschool, and STEM activities are "all the rage" right now!  They are supposed to be great for learning and preparing our children to engage in a modern world, and they are!  But parents and teachers can get overwhelmed trying to create fancy STEM activities for their preschoolers.  Today I'm showing you how easy it can be with this simple preschool STEM with blocks activity.

If you're new to Preschool Powol Packets, can I suggest you read my posts about how preschoolers learn and the importance of outside play?  They give you more detailed background about how your kiddos' brains work and why they need play.  Following that with a discussion about STEM for young children is a natural progression!

STEM activities are inquiry-based and usually involve your children planning, experimenting, and creating something.  STEM activities involve learning in (usually at least three of) the STEM domains: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

So what does that look like in preschool?  It can look like a lot!  It could be a series of related activities, a challenge like this or this, an experiment or activity that they elaborate on like this, or a block activity with you (like this):

Preschool STEM Activity with Blocks:


* building blocks
* phone or other camera

Easy How-To:

1- Ask your preschooler what you should build.  Ask her what kind of blocks she wants you to gather.

2- Gather blocks for her.  Count them as you hand them to her.  Help her build as she directs.  We made a castle with beds, ladders, stairs, a throne, towers, and more!  When sections tip over, say things like, "Ooops!  Let's see if we can make that more stable!"

3- When you're done, let her take a picture of it.  Print it and hang it up!  Cameras and phones now make this very do-able, even for the youngest preschoolers: the first picture in this post is one my 3-year old took!

How is this STEM?

SCIENCE:  Even preschoolers and toddlers learn about gravity, balance, and structural stability with every tower they build!

TECHNOLOGY:  Using a camera and printer.

ENGINEERING:  Designing and building their creations!

MATH:  Counting blocks.

You can always have more complicated STEM activities, but even simple projects like this allow your kiddos to develop in a fun, child-led activity!

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