Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Preschool STEM: Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaurs and preschoolers just seem to go together!  This simple challenge, though, becomes a relationship builder with one little addition.

STEM seems to be a bit of a buzz word in certain educational groups.  It makes activity that combines science, technology, engineering, and math will appeal to a huge range of kids, use more cross-connecting parts of their brain, and encourage girls in fields that are often dominated by boys.  But it can also be a little intimidating to parents and teachers.  It doesn't need to be.  Look how simple this activity is, and how much it encompasses.  Also, watch how it can create a communication opportunity for you and your kiddo!

1- The challenge and invitation:  As you open a new jar or two of play dough (or mix it up on the stove!), ask your preschoolers if they knew that dinosaurs were born in eggs.  What do you think dinosaur eggs looked like?  Can you make some dinosaur eggs today?  Make sure tools like measuring spoons, toothpicks, and plastic knives and forks are within reach.

2- The process: As your children work, sit close by.  You don't have to say anything.  Your children are working hard!

Science: dinosaurs, eggs, force and pressure on play dough
Technology: any tools your kiddos use
Engineering: creating eggs
Math: counting the eggs, qualitative assessments used to create the eggs

3- The relationship:  This is the simple addition to the project that lets your children know that you care about their work.  When your children are done, ask them to tell you about their eggs.  Listen closely.  Repeat back relevant information and ask specific questions so they know you are listening.  You do not have to tell them you like what they did or that it looks good.  They will be able to tell that from the way you listen to them.  Sometimes it's more important to let our kids know that we knew they could make something (like dinosaur eggs) than to pass a value judgement on it (like it's good or it's the right shape).

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I have over 40 awesome no-prep themed preschool activities like this one coming up this summer!  Each activity requires less than 30 seconds of preparation time (like pulling play dough off the shelf!), and has loads of educational and fun benefits like this one!  Check out other no-prep dinosaur activities here and keep watching for more themes--my next one is space!!

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