Monday, August 29, 2016

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10 Apples Up On Top Preschool Apple Activity & Why We Retell Stories

Magnetic apples are super easy to make and are a wonderful hands-on manipulative to use with retelling 10 Apples Up On Top, a fun preschool apple activity!

Why is it important to retell stories with our preschoolers? Retelling stories, especially letting the children do most of the retelling, draws them into the story! It lets them experience the story elements, plot, and development from a first hand perspective. This helps strengthen their understanding and comprehension of stories (both the one you're telling and future stories). They also get feedback from their parent or teacher to help build their concepts of story line, characters, setting, plot, and even more complicated elements like motivation. As they retell the story, you can ask them things like, "What happened next?" "Why did that character make that choice?" or "Would you have done that too?"

To make your own magnetic apples, simply print this {FREE} page of apples. Then stick a piece of magnetic tape to the back of each apple! Or, if you don't have magnetic tape, use button magnets. Just tape the magnet on securely so it doesn't accidentally come off. Supervise your children closely so nobody puts magnets in their mouths!

Practice stacking up ten apples, taking them, counting them, and retelling the story 10 Apples Up On Top! I even printed out pictures of our kiddos, and they had a blast stacking the apples up on their own heads! It turned out to be a literacy, math, and science activity all in one! (Magnets are irresistable, by the way...even my older kids came to play with the magnetic apples and magnetic kids on the door! I'm getting all sorts of magnet-themed ideas after doing this!) It fit in perfectly with our apple theme, and could easily be done with an apple unit, or just on a nice fall day when you eat some aples!

Are you talking about apples this month? If so, you will love our edible bubble science with apples and our apple toothpick towers! Come back soon for a whole collection of apple-themed activities!

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