Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Our Top Favorite Best Halloween Preschool Books

Our favorite Halloween preschool books actually link back to a tradition my mom started when I was a teenager: she made a Halloween-themed quilt, and every night in October we would sit on it while she read a Halloween or pumpkin themed story.

I loved this tradition! I loved it so much that reading Halloween stories with my own kids takes me back in my memories every time! I don't have a Halloween quilt's on my never-ending list of things to do, but I do read Halloween stories! We usually do Halloween activities to go with the stories...things like these Halloween science projects or this giant spooky ghost are always fun and pretty easy!

I should probably confess that I don't like truly scary or creepy books or stories. I like friendly witches, smiling skeletons, and helpful ghosts, so those are the types of stories on my list. Plus, they're more friendly for preschoolers!

So here are our absolute favorite Halloween Preschool Books:

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Big Pumpkin is absolutely wonderful! The language and rhythm are delightful, the pictures are fun, and the friendship lesson is light and cheerful.  I also love hearing kids saay "Drat!" after we read when things go wrong for them! I love this book so much that it is my recommended book for the Pumpkin Theme in HEEP, my preschool curriculum!

Room on the Broom is another delightful book about a friendly witch whose friends help save the day! The lyrics make a wonderful read-aloud with loads of side themes to explore as well.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything is hilarious! It has lots of great onomatopoeia too, which make reading it out loud with your kiddos twice as much sure to encourage them to clomp and stomp along with you! Possible warning: this story does have some slightly scary elements (like getting stalked by random clothing items and a floating jack-o-lantern), but our kids have always loved it and thought the "scary characters" were just silly.

What can I say...we have been Fancy Nancy fans since my oldest was 2 years old! The Halloween version actually presents a challenge that your kiddo can fix with the enclosed stickers. After my daughter "fixed" Fancy Nancy's costume, I changed the ending to include the new outfit. :)

This book may be the oldest in our list of best Halloween picture books, but it is wonderful! The text is super simple, but so fun to say and the pictures tell a lovely story of a group of a Halloween adventure!

This little witch is not quite so friendly--she wants to scare away the ghosts who live in a mansion she wants! Ten Timid Ghosts is a counting book with amazing pictures and fun rhymes!

This is one of the most fun books to read aloud ever! If you tend to get tongue-tied, do a quick preview first, but be prepared for some rolling, rollicking fun with a crazy pumpkin! This is only loosely tied to Halloween (the boys discover the pumpkin on Halloween and there is a Halloween feast), but pumpkins are a fun topic all fall!

The science teacher in me just cannot resist Dem Bones! I love this book *so* much, lol! It has two "layers" to the story--the first one talks about the bones to the rhythm of the traditional African-American spiritual. The second one has little biological fact inserts that tell about the bones!

So there you have it...our favorite best Halloween preschool books ever!  You can click here to see our favorite pumpkin preschool books too!

What's your favorite?

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