Monday, October 3, 2016

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Preschool Pumpkin Skin Experiment ~ Preschool Science

What do you have in common with a pumpkin? Learn all about it in this pumpkin preschool science experiment! This science project is perfect for young children.

You and a pumpkin share something in common.

It protects you.
It keeps out germs.
It keeps your insides (and water) in.

Do you know what it is?
It is your skin!

Our preschoolers could tell me all kinds of information about our skin, but they were blown away by the idea that pumpkins had skin too! They embraced the idea pretty quickly, and were excited to investigate more:

Simple Supplies: little pumpkins, investigation tools (we used a cottonball, sandpaper, fork, wooden spoon, and pen, but you can use whatever you have available!)

Easy How To:

1- See how many things your kids can name that you have in common with pumpkins (skin, you both grow, you both need water, you both have DNA, etc...)

2- Find the skin on a pumpkin! Cut into a demo pumpkin so your kiddos can see how thick it is.

3- Talk about the skin's role and how it is similar in your bodies.

We had one pumpkin whose skin had been broken by our dog a few days earlier, and it was really fun to compare the strong, healthy pumpkins to the rotting, broken-skinned pumpkin:

4- Let your children touch the pumpkin skin and ask them how strong the pumpkin skin is. Explain that today's science experiment will be testing the strength of the pumpkin skin. Your children's job is to see what tools will break through the skin and which will not.  Then hand them the tools and let them get to work!

We tried using our fingernails:

and cottonballs (we still have cottonballs and sandpaper from our Kindness lesson)

and a fork...

(The fork did make it through the pumpkin skin, but it was damaged during the process.)

and a pen...

Once the skin was broken and we could see inside, everyone wanted their pumpkins cut open so they could get a better look. Once the pumpkins were opened, everyone had different experiments they "needed" to do! 

We had some seeds planted...

and we had some bubbles that needed blowing (this bubble in a pumpkin experiment is one of our favorite fall science activities too--we started the pumpkin bubbles trend about three years ago with this post).

In the end we spent about an hour experimenting with our pumpkins!

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