Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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Christmas Science Experiment: Fizzing Stars

This science experiment is as much fun to set up as it is to actually test! Christmas stars have been a hot topic here, so a fizzing star science project was the perfect end to our school day!

We started by making baking soda stars. I was just going to use baking soda and water, but my 6-year old wanted to add soap. He knew that soap makes volcano reactions much more exciting, so...we added soap! We ended up with about two boxes of baking soda, half a cup water, and a huge squirt of dishwashing soap. The ratios are not important--you just need a "dough" that holds its shape. We used a star cookie cutter to make our fizzing stars!

I poured a small beaker of lime kool-aid and another small beaker of vinegar. My daughter pointed out that since it is Christmas time we should color the vinegar red. That way we can have Christmas colors (red and green) and can call it an official Christmas science experiment! I love the way she thinks!

Finally we passed out pipettes, and let the kids get to work! Their challenge was to figure out whether kool-aid or vinegar make a better reaction with baking soda.

They actually had mixed results: half of them thought the kool-aid made a better fizzing star reaction and half of them thought the vinegar was a better reaction! We may have to repeat this experiment again! ;)  (Nobody will complain about fizzing stars experiments after Christmas!)

This week I am joining my friend Sarah from Little Bins With Little Hands to bring you loads of fun STEM activities and science experiments you can do with Christmas supplies like wrapping paper, tape, cookie cutters, and ribbons! Check out our collection of science projects and activities here!

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