Monday, February 20, 2017

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Owl Science Activities and Experiments

These owl science activities and experiments are perfect for an owl theme or a forest theme for preschoolers and older kids! These science projects help kids learn all about the amazing owl.

Owl Fun Fact: Did you know that an owl can hear a mouse step on a branch 75 feet away?! And a Great Horned Owl can hear a mouse squeak from 900 feet away!!

This week we're reading The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson (I put a link below) and doing lots of fun mouse, owl, fox, and snake science activities! Today I'm sharing a few fun owl science activities that you can use to talk about food chains, owls, mice, sound waves, feathers, and distance (because everyone loves math)!!

Owl Science Activity #1: The Squeaking Mouse

Help your kiddos stand in a line. Choose one child to be the "owl" and stand in front of the line facing everyone. Have the owl close his eyes while you choose a "mouse." Give the mouse a squeaky toy or a toy that plays music, and have the mouse hold the toy behind his back. Have all the other kids (and yourself!) in the line put their hands behind their backs. Let the owl open his eyes and let the mouse squeak the squeaky toy! Can the owl figure out which child is the mouse?! Take turns being the mouse and the owl! Remind the kids that an owl can hear a squeaky mouse from 900 feet away!

Owl Science Activity #2: Owl Ears

The feathers around owl ears are shaped like funnels to catch sound waves better. Sing a well-known nursery rhyme like the ABC's and have your kiddos copy you as you make "owl ear funnels" by cupping your hands around your ears while you sing. Put your "owl ears" on and off during the song so you can see the difference it makes!

Owl Science Activity #3: Distance

Go outside and have one of your kiddos step on a stick. Ask if everyone could hear it. Now have everyone move 10 feet away and face away from the stick. See if they can hear it now. Move 20 feet away. Try 75 feet! Remind your preschoolers that an owl could hear a mouse (much smaller than a child) step on a stick from 75 feet away! 

If you can safely measure 900 feet, help your preschoolers measure 900 feet and remind them that a Great Horned Owl can hear a mouse squeak from that distance!

I hope you enjoy these super simple owl science experiments and activities with your preschoolers! My kids are always amazed at animals that have "superpowers" like "super hearing" owls! These science projects help show them how the owls use their "superpowers".

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