Monday, November 13, 2017

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Train Track Card Game for Preschoolers

Trains always feel like a December theme for us (probably because we love to read the Polar Express), and my younger kids always want more card games (probably because my older kids always play games that they can't quite figure out), so I made this fun train track card game to go with this week's Virtual Book Club's Transportation Theme!

This game gives kids a chance to practice counting to 10, experience with a one-to-one concept, practice taking turns, and even experience planning, plotting, and engineering!

Here's how to play:

GOAL: Build a track (with no breaks) that contains at least 10 track cards in a row.

1- Deal everybody five cards. Let the youngest person start.
2- On your turn, draw a new card and play a card. When you play a card, you can either work on building your own track, place a "broken track" card on someone else's track, or repair a broken track on your own track by placing an identical not-broken track card on top of the broken track. When your turn is over, you should have five cards again.

TO WIN: When you place the 10th track card in a row on your own track, announce that your train track is done. Then take the train card and drive it along your track, counting each track card as you go! Continue play until everybody wins.

1- All cards should be played vertically--the track pieces will interact with each other best if they are all oriented the same direction.
2- When you place a broken track on another player you can place it either on top of another card that is exactly the same (without any breaks) or as a new track that connects with the rest of their tracks.
3- You cannot place a broken track card on a player who already has an un-fixed broken track. Once their broken track is fixed, you can break another one.


ADJUSTMENTS: If you are playing with younger children who cannot count to ten or cannot sit long enough for everyone to play, shorten the game by requiring a shorter track. Five is a good number for older toddlers.

Our younger toddlers actually had a blast building their own tracks like the big kids. They didn't take turns, but they lined up pieces and drove a train around their own tracks!

I was also entertained to see all the kids finish the game, and then set about building their own "ultimate" train track. Here are two of them (the top one is my 4-year old's):

I would love to see pictures of train tracks that your kiddos make! You could use this at home or even at a center station or rotation in a school or daycare!

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