Thursday, December 31, 2020

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Preschool Penguin Crafts for Kids

I was putting some preschool penguin crafts on our calendar for next month, and I realized we've already done a few through the years--it would be good to put them all in one spot!

We've had preschoolers at our house for more than a decade now, so I'm always cooking up new crafts and art projects for them. Some of our kids have really loved crafts while others will blow through them super fast and want to go run in circles!

My preschoolers right now are crafters. They will do an art project for more than an hour straight, so we have a lot of options with them. Obviously some of the projects we've done in the past were for kids with slightly shorter attention spans!

Another fun thing that I've noticed is that since we homeschool, my older kids often enjoy doing the same project as the younger kids, but the older kids refine it, add their own touches, and create a very different project inspired by the one the younger kids were doing!

Anyway, here's the collection! It's growing, and I'll link our new penguin crafts to it as I write about them!

Preschool Penguin Crafts for Kids

These adorable little penguin "pockets" were the brainchild of my daughter years ago! Pictures of them still make me smile! All you need are a few egg cartons, glue, wiggly eyes, paint, and orange foam!

This penguin art project was a combination of art and science! It was a two-day project where we made the backgrounds on one day and the penguins on the second day! I actually saved these because they came out so adorable!

We made these in December when ornament balls were everywhere, but you can grab ornament balls in January pretty easily or use foam balls any time of the year! These are super easy to make and personalize, and my kids all adored their own little penguins!

These craft stick penguins were SO easy to make, and made a great little manipulative to play with too!

We absolutely loved making and playing with these little penguins...and it all starts with toilet paper tubes!

These are the ones I have already written about--do you have a favorite preschool penguin craft your kids have done already? Or do you have plans for a new one? I'll be adding our new crafts into this page, so be sure and pop back if you're looking for more!

I also have a super fun penguin science project here, a penguin feather STEM activity here, and a whole penguin theme (or unit study) with math, science, and more HERE!

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