Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Fizzing Shamrocks Science Experiment!!

There are a science projects that are always popular at our house:  things that change color, fizz, explode, and burn!  This fizzing shamrocks science experiment is perfect for some holiday fun and science!

We experimented with these fizzing shamrocks last year, but I didn't have a chance to share it before St. Patrick's Day.  So, this year you get it nice and early!!

Before you get started, make sure you have these supplies:  

* school glue (I used Elmer's)
* paper or cardboard
* baking soda
* vinegar
* green food coloring
* disposable pipettes (I prefer plastic 1 ml pipettes). Spoons also work if pipettes are unavailable.

To prepare your fizzing shamrocks, pour school glue into the shape of shamrocks on several pieces of paper.  Then pour the baking soda on your glue shamrocks.  Tip the paper up to pour the extra baking soda off.  (picture #1)  Save this baking soda for more fizzing fun when your shamrocks are done!  The next part works best while the shamrocks are still wet!

Tell the children that some crazy leprechauns came and turned all your shamrocks white!  I always say things like this with a wink and a smile so the kids know it's just for fun, but they love still love it!  

Let the children help you add a drop of food coloring to the vinegar. (picture #2)  Let them stir the vinegar and food coloring until it is all green.  Then, let them "color" the shamrocks by transferring the green vinegar onto the baking soda/glue shamrocks with pipettes.  (pictures #3)  Enjoy those "Oooh's," "Aahhhs!" and "It's fizzing!!"  When they're done, let them experiment/play with the ingredients some more.  (pictures #4)

This Fizzing Shamrock science experiment is great just for fun, but it can also be used to jump-start many lessons, depending on the age of your children.  Some possible topics include colors, reactions, experiments, acids and bases, solutions, glues, and polymers.  This science project is also excellent fine motor skill practice!

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