Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Halloween Science: Screaming Ghost Balloons

We could have made Screaming Balloon Monsters or Screaming Pumpkin Balloons, but a Ghost Balloon seemed like the fastest, easiest way to build this fun science activity.  Actually, we originally did this last year, and we were on a bit of a ghost roll with ghost balloon and Halloween science experiments!

If you're not really into ghosts, you can skip the Halloween tie in, and just make screaming balloons...or grab an orange balloon and make it a pumpkin!

Simple Supplies:

* White balloon...unless your ghost is a different color!  We clearly had some multi-colored ghosts!

* hex nut

* black permanent marker or paper "eyes"

Easy How To:

1.  Wiggle your nut through the opening of the balloon so it is loose inside the balloon.  We noticed that the smaller nuts made a higher pitch sound.

2.  Blow the balloon up to about 6-8 inches.  We've used both 7" and 12" balloons.

3.  Draw or attach your spooky (or friendly!) ghost face on the balloon!

4.  Swirl the hex nut inside the balloon to make it scream!  This may take a few tries, but once your kids get it, they will love it.  Make sure you are holding the top of the balloon and swirling gently.

Click here to watch a short (20 second!) video of our ghost balloon "screaming!"

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What's Going On?

The screams are made from the sides of the hex nut hitting and vibrating against the inside lining of the balloon.  This Halloween Science: Screaming Ghost Balloons was adapted from Steve Spangler's page about screaming balloons.  Pop on over for even more details of the science behind his Halloween science project!

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