Monday, December 7, 2015


Snowflake Ornaments & Story for Preschoolers

Sometimes you start out the day not knowing exactly what you're going to do with your kiddos, but hoping you think of a cool craft that is quick and easy to set up.  This snowflake ornament is perfect for those days!

Of course, it's also perfect for when you plan out your schedule and have a fun, educational picture book (see below) and related activity to share with your kids!  Plus, it looks so neat that everyone wants to make one!

The basic design can be changed so easily, you can easily adapt the snowflake to whatever supplies you have on hand.  Here's what we used:

Simple Supplies:

* wire (We used 20 gauge red wire.  If you don't have wire, pipe-cleaners would work too!)
* beads (I'm pretty much in love with the clear beads my daughter picked out!)
* wire cutters or scissors

Make sure your kiddos are safe--all supplies should be closely supervised!

Easy How To:

1- Cut the wire into three 4-inch long lengths for each snowflake.  Twist them together in the middle to form the snowflake "skeleton."  I did this in advance one night while my husband and I watched a show.  It was super easy, and only took a few minutes for each snowflake.  Alternatively, you could do it with your children or, if they're older, let them do it themselves.

2- Let your children make their snowflake by threading the beads onto the wire.  Help them twist each end "closed" so the beads don't fall off.  I used a pair of scissors to pinch the wire closed, but needle-nosed pliers would be even better!

While everyone works, you can talk about how real snowflakes are made from frozen water.  Each snowflake has six sides and is unique from every other snowflake in the world!

That's it!  Attach a "hanger" or twist another piece of wire and find somewhere festive to hang it up!

I actually planned to make these to go with this fun winter-y counting story!  It's perfect for making Christmas ornaments with your kiddos, snow themes, winter themes, math activities, and more!  I'm sure you'll love it!  You can click on the picture (it's an affiliate link) for more details or to buy a copy!

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Unknown said...

What a fun and simple craft. It really looks beautiful hanging from the tree.

Ana Dziengel said...

Love how the clear beads make it shimmer!

Modern Preschool said...

I love the clear beads in your snowflakes! Love the look they give instead of white.

Melissa said...

What a great idea to make these alongside a counting book!!! Genius!