Monday, March 14, 2016

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11+ No Candy Egg Filler Ideas

Do you ever get tired of all the sugar highs and lows your kiddos get around holidays?  I already know my kiddos are getting piles of candy this Easter from activities and groups outside our home, so I am going to be filling our eggs with these super fun, no candy (yes...that's candy free!!) toys and treats instead!  We tried this last year, and the kids loved it!

So, without any more introduction, I give you my favorite no candy egg filler ideas!

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This is number one because it is my favorite no-candy egg filler ever!  You can get a big bin like this, open all the little packages inside, and hide them inside the eggs.  Or, you could get any of the kits, and divide them up in the eggs.  Last year, I made "minion Easter eggs" to hold the LEGOS!

 #2- Shopkins

I still am not entirely sure why, but my kids absolutely love these collectible eraser tops!

#3- Trolls

#4- Rory's Story Cubes

#5- Coins

You could even have a "bank" where they come and cash out the coins for paper money.  Bonus if they calculate it themselves!

#6- My Little Ponies

You might need the "big" plastic eggs for these since some of them are over 1 1/2 inches tall.

#7- Play Doh

You could make your own play dough or you could just buy play doh-filled eggs made by play doh!

#8- Egg Stampers!

You could fit a lot of different types of stamps inside plastic Easter eggs, but these are SO adorable!

#9.  Stickers

#10.  Finger Puppets

#11. Band-aids!

Just writing this makes me chuckle, but my 3-year old absolutely loves Band-aids, even when she is not hurt!

#12.  Bouncy Balls

And, there you have it...a dozen super fun, no-candy plastic Easter egg ideas!!  I may add to the list as we get closer to Easter and see what we actually end up using this year!

Do you use toys in your plastic Easter eggs?  I'd love to hear from you!

I may share at any of these parties!

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