Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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No-Prep Preschool Dinosaur Science Experiments and Activities!

The thing about summer planning is that it should be easy and fun!  You can put together great lessons, science projects, and camps without spending time preparing supplies every day...or add them to an awesome Dinosaur Theme for tons of science experiments, activities, and more!

  These "no-prep" Preschool Dinosaur Activities are perfect for a dinosaur themed day or week...or just a kid who loves dinosaurs and needs a little organization in his day!

If you are a parent, grandparent, or home provider, I suggest spreading a dinosaur theme out over about a week and having a specific time every day when you do "school time" or "Dinosaur time."  Right after snack time works great at our house!  Use one or two activities a day. (Then, of course, come back next week and use my No-Prep Preschool Space Activities!)

If you are a teacher in a bigger preschool classroom you probably have a more structured schedule and know exactly when you could use an activity that does not require any special set up. All of these dinosaur activities took me less than 30 seconds to prepare--most of them simply require grabbing one or two items off a shelf or going outside!  In fact, as I prepared this series, the "no-prep" rule I made for myself was that I had to be able to keep the attention of my preschoolers (I have 3-5 year olds right now) as I prepared the activity. These are also perfect to have "up your sleeve" when you have an unexpected break in your programming and need something educational and fun to fill a few minutes!

So, without any more introduction, here are...

7+ Quick & Easy (no-prep!) Preschool Dinosaur Activities:

1- Dinosaur Stomp: A little music goes a long way with this whole-body dinosaur activity!!

2- Preschool STEM: Dinosaur Eggs.  Bring your most creative skills to the table for this incredibly-easy-to-set-up preschool challenge!

3- Dinosaur Nest Challenge (Outdoor STEM): This challenge is perfect for your most gorgeous day because...it's outdoors! You can do it inside too, but it may take more than 30 seconds to set up and clean up afterwards!

4- Dinosaur Footprints Preschool Activity: Wear your shorts, turn on the hose, and make some dinosaur tracks! Just walk in the water, then walk on the sidewalk. Or, if you don't like water activities, I have a super easy alternative too: cover a pan with a layer of flour and make dinosaur footprints with toys in it!

5- Dinosaur Watering Hole (No Prep Preschool Dinosaur Fun): Everyone needs a drink...even dinosaurs! This one is a preschooler favorite!

6- Dinosaur Hide & Seek:  Hide a dinosaur and let your kiddos look for it. When they get close, start to roar like a dinosaur!

7- Design a Dinosaur:  Give your kiddos a blank sheet of paper and crayons. Invite them to design and draw their own dinosaur!  What would it eat?  Where would it live? Does it have any special skills?

8-  Preschool Dinosaur Songs & Action Rhymes: These three dinosaur songs are full of fun with lots of motion, action, rhymes, and even counting!

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Stay "tuned"...our next no-prep preschool summer series theme is Space!

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Happy Educating, Carla

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