Saturday, August 27, 2016

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{FREE} Apple Race Preschool Game

Because everybody loves a board game, everybody loves a {FREE} game, and our preschoolers are talking a lot about apples...I made this Apple Race Preschool Game! And, I'm sharing it with you free!

This game can be used to teach/reinforce counting (up to six), taking turns, following instructions, and strengthening your preschoolers' concept of one-to-one relationships (an important pre-reading and early math skill)! 

It's also a lot of fun!!  In fact, my "older" kids were even excited to play with my younger preschoolers! I think it might have something to do with using real apples as your playing pieces?

Apples don't grow in Houston, so we went to the grocery store before we played and "picked" out different kinds of apples to "be" our playing pieces.

After playing, we cut up the apples and talked about differences in flavors, and what sorts of recipes/dishes would be good with which kinds of apples.

Anyway, to set up the game, you need print off all three pages and line them up to make a long playing board. If your kids are older, you may want to print extra copies of the middle page to make the game longer. Then use two dice and have them add up the pips to figure out how far to move their piece. For younger players, just use the three pages.

To play the game, have everyone line up all their "pieces" (apples) on the giant box with apple trees. Take turns rolling the dice to find out how far to move, then move your apple the indicated number of spaces. Keep playing until everyone's apple gets "picked" in a basket!

To store the game, I taped the three pages together and taped one of them to the inside of a file folder. Then I folded the three pages accordian-style and closed it up inside the folder!

Click HERE to get your {FREE} copy of Apple Race, a preschool game!

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