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Brown Bear Slime Preschool Science Experiment

Our favorite preschool science project lately has been slime...most of my kids can tell you exactly how to make it now! Their love of slime science experiments worked out perfectly for our Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? week...

We decided to make a Brown Bear Slime for our science activity! It was super easy, only took four ingredients (including water!), and mixed up in less than ten minutes!

I wanted to make it a little more viscous, or "thicker," than normal so that the younger kids wouldn't have any trouble with it sliding away from them. This turned out perfectly!

1- Do not get borax in your mouth (or your kids' mouths). It is toxic. If it gets in someone's mouth, call poison control. Obviously if you can't keep slime out of your kids' mouths and other body parts, you should wait until they're a little older to make this with them! Like everything on this site, this activity is meant to be done with close adult supervision!
2- Borax can irritate skin! You can let children wear gloves or play with the slime in a plastic bag to protect their skin.

To make your own Brown Bear Slime, first prepare some borax by mixing one teaspoon borax in 1/4 cup warm water. I do this in a plastic disposable cup. Set it aside. Then dump a blottle of clear school glue into your (not-for-food) mixing bowl.

Fill the empty glue bottle back up with warm water and add that to the glue. Mix this very well.

Then pour in a big handful of cut 1-2 inch long pieces of brown yarn--brown bear has lots of shaggy yarn-like hair, after all! Mix this in with the glue and water.

When the borax is dissolved, pour it into the glue/water/yarn mixture and stir it up. When it starts to come together, use your hands to knead it until it isn't sticky.

Then let everyone play with it!

We had some "brown bear slime snakes..."

some bouncy balls...

and even a "bear" sculpture...

Using a whole teaspoon of borax allowed them to form different shapes, but the sculptures (and the bouncy ball!) still only lasted a few minutes before they started to slink away.

But! the "bouncy ball" actually did bounce! Check out the video to see how to "form" it:

Do you love slimes? They are a great sensory and science activity! I share some fun details about slime science here (as well as a recipe for sparkly slime!) and an even easier "cornstarch slime" recipe here!

And if science projects are your thing, you will want to check out the over 175 preschool science experiments and activities in my collection! This is an amazing resource organized by science type (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.)

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Growing Book by Book said...

My kids love slime and I love incorporating it with a classic story.

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It was so much fun!