Friday, January 20, 2017

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21 Counting Rhymes for Kids Ebook {Perfect for Toddlers & Preschoolers)

How many counting rhymes for kids do you know? Would you like some more that are super easy to remember and easy to do any time you need to fill a moment?

I love rhyming with my kiddos about every topic you can imagine! So when our preschoolers and toddlers are working on counting, it only makes sense to count and rhyme at the same time. Plus, we have these wonderful, transportable, manipulatives that we carry around with us everywhere we go...our fingers make THE BEST counting tools!

So, I created 21 counting rhymes for kids that focus on counting forwards and backwards from and to the numbers 5 and 10 (since we have five fingers on one hand and ten on both)!

21 Counting Rhymes for Kids is a set of fun, friendly, easy-to-use printable rhymes that reinforce counting forward and backward to five and ten. Each poem makes a wonderful finger play and comes with suggestions for actions! Integrating counting with literacy and actions is a multisensory approach to education that improves learning, increases attention spans, and is more fun for everyone!!

I think these rhymes are best to use in three places:

1- During transitions: Switching activities is always challenging, but chanting a simple rhyme while you transition helps SO much!! It keeps the kids focused on the rhyme, which means their fingers are busy and they are not bugging each other, getting into trouble, or breaking things.  :D

2- In the car: Your preschoolers are quite stuck in their seats, so you might as well practice counting and rhyming!

3- As part of a fun themed lesson: These rhymes tie into topics that we love, so you'll see one poem about lions, another about snakes, another about penguins, one about pizza, one about worms, etc. I think the perfect preschool lesson would include a book on the theme, a finger rhyme, and then a craft or activity! Here's a list of all the titles of the counting rhymes in this ebook:

5 Little Caterpillars
5 Little Leaves
5 Little Monsters
5 Little Pumpkins
5 Red Apples
5 Yellow Lions
1 Pizza
5 Big Blue Whales
5 Dump Trucks
5 Green & Scaly Snakes
5 Little Polar Bears
10 Little Fingers
10 Little Raindrops
10 Little Sharks
10 Pieces of Popcorn
10 Twinkling Stars
Mighty, Mighty T. Rex
Mr. Spider
5 Playful Penguins
5 Wiggly Worms

I've also included a few ideas about how to use these finger rhymes and a fun fact to go with each rhyme!

You can print the rhymes on a full page and pop them in a spiral binding or you can take each poem and and use it as a mini-poster while you memorize and play with that rhyme!

You can also change your printer settings to print two or four of the poems per page. Then you'll have handy, index card sized poems to take with you wherever you go!

Before I give you the link to buy the ebook, I want to share two of the rhymes for free!  Just click on these links:

You're still here, so you must want this ebook!  :) 

21 Counting Rhymes for Kids Ebook

This ebook includes 21 rhymes for kids that are

* perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

* easy to memorize!

* new and original

* based on fun themes and topics!

* great for counting forwards and backwards!

* perfect for using fingers to count to 5 and 10!

* fun for lessons, transitions, and play!

* Only $9.97!! That's less than 0.50 cents per poem!

Now you can know more counting rhymes for kids than anyone else!! It's an easy thing to be an expert in!!  :D

Please note: Writing, compiling, and putting these rhymes into an easy-to-print format takes a tremendous amount of time! Please encourage other parents and teachers to purchase their own copy.  :) 

ALSO, because I really love and appreciate those of you who visit me here and support Preschool Powol Packets, I've created a LOYALTY DISCOUNT!!  :D  Yep...I want to give you half off this ebook just for being awesome!!  Just enter AWESOME into the discount box below to get the whole ebook (21 Counting Rhymes for Kids) half off!!  (And if you're not a loyal follower, you're welcome to become one! You can follow me here on the blog, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!)  :D 

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