Monday, May 15, 2017

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Frog Lunch {FREE} Number Recognition & Counting Activities

Use these frog themed number and counting activities to go with frog, pond, spring, and food web themes! 

We are doing frog themed activities this week to go with the Virtual Book Club for Kids Pond theme this week! More details on that below!

One of our favorite ways to reinforce number recognition is with card games, so I made these frog lunch cards with adorable frogs from

Frogs are carnivores, and it is fun to talk about different animals that frogs eat with preschoolers (mostly insects and other macroinvertebrates, but big frogs can eat snakes and mice)!

Then have lots of fun with counting and number recognition activities with these cards!

How can you use these frog themed cards? There are LOADS of ways!!

  Here are 10 activities to strengthen number skills like number recognition, counting, addition, and more:

(sidenote: sorry for the lack of pictures...I've been having technical problems with my camera this week, but I will add some as soon as possible!!)

1- Turn them all face up and match the appropriate cards together.

2- Turn them all face down and play memory as you make matches.

3- Glue the frogs in a file folder and match the flies to the right frog as a file folder game, center station, or quiet time activity. Store the fly cards in an envelope taped to the folder.

4- Place a frog card on the table. Let your child find TWO fly cards that add up to the correct frog number!

5- For three or more players, shuffle the cards, deal an equal number of cards to each player, and take turns making matches: On your turn, ask another player for a card that would match one of yours. If they have the card, they give it to you. If they don't have the card, it's the next player's turn!

6- Play Frog War (two or more players): My kids really love this one! Shuffle the cards and deal them all out. On each round, all players flip their top card over. The highest number wins and gets to collect all the cards out. Repeat until someone runs out of cards. If two players flip the same number, put those cards in a "pool" and play again. Whoever wins the next round gets all the cards from both rounds!

7- Variation of #6 for older children: Instead of flipping one card, flip two cards and add (or multiply, if old enough) them together!

8- Make a frog number line by putting the numbers in order!

9- Make a food web on a sheet of construction paper by gluing a frog in the middle and drawing the same number of food items as the frog has. For example, if you have the #4 frog, draw four lines from the frog to animals the frog can use the fly cards or draw other things like other insects (mosquitoes, dragonflies), small snakes, grasshoppers, worms, moths, or small mice!

10- "Fly Swat:" Scatter the fly cards face up and give your kiddo a fly swatter (clean!!). Let them swat the number of flies you call out!

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As I mentioned earlier, this week the Virtual Book Club for Kids is focusing on a Pond Theme with the book In the Small Pond (Amazon affiliate link below):


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