Monday, May 28, 2018

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Free Preschool Printable: Shadow Matching Cards--How to Survive as a Shark

This free preschool printable goes great with shark themes, ocean themes, just for fun, and... one of our favorite books!

Every year Innovation Press publishes some of the most incredible science themed picture books, story books, and chapter books for kids. I always think they cannot possibly get better...and then they do! One of my favorites from this last season is How to Survive as a Shark. In a comic book style, conversational story format, a father-like shark welcomes some new baby great white sharks to the ocean and proceeds to give them the basic survival skills they will need to grow up. Shark biology, ocean food chains, and so much more are all included in this fun and friendly book. ALL my kids love it--from the 2-year old to the 11-year old! 

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Since everyone loves it so much, I'm making a lapbook for the older kids to start a shark study that goes with the picture book. Our preschoolers always want in on the cutting, gluing, and learning action, so I made them this: their own set of shadow matching cards!

What can preschoolers do with these cards? Here are a few ideas:

* Cut them out!

* Glue them to a file folder to create their own ocean scene!

* Play a file folder game that you create by gluing one set of the cards onto a manilla folder and placing the other cards into an envelope that is glued or taped onto the back of the folder. Let the kids pull the cards out of the envelope and match them up! You can also turn this into a counting game by taking turns rolling a dice--if you roll a 3, you get to build 3 matches.

* Talk about ocean food chains and "build" food chains with the cards: fish get eaten by both octopuses and sharks. Sharks eat octopuses. Your kiddos can even glue a food chain inside a folder if they want to make a lapbook style project with their cars!

* Play memory games!

* Anything else you and they can think of! I'd love to hear from you or see pictures of some of your projects! Feel free to email me, leave a comment, or stop by Facebook!

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