Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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Apple Theme Preschool Activities and Science Projects

Apple-themed activities and science projects are the perfect way to start preschool every fall! It is easy to get apples, they taste wonderful, and they're super fun to learn with! Plus, preschoolers love learning about and with everyday items! Your kids will love these apple activities and science experiments.

These are some of our favorite preschool apple activities! I'll be adding a few more this fall and probably even more next year!

Apple Toothpick Towers - One of our favorite STEM challenges, this apple theme activity was our first to step away from the classic marshmallows and toothpick towers!
Edible Bubble Science With Apples - A super fun apple experiment you can eat, this was the original edible bubbles inside apples!
Apple Preschool Science Experiments - A fantastic collection of apple science experiments from our blogging friends!
Sparkly Apple Slime - Not edible, but loads of fun!!

Apple Counting Seeds - A {FREE} printable game to use with real apple seeds...or raisins, black beans, or your favorite fake "apple seeds!"
Apple Race - a {FREE} printable game where you use real apples as your playing pieces!

10 Apples Up On Top & Magnetic Apples - Magnets make this activity ten times as much fun!
Magnetic Name Learning Activity - Practice spelling your name as you read this fun book!

Apple Cinnamon Apple Bowls - Super fun to eat--a healthy treat perfect for apple themes!

Bubble Wrap Apple Trees - A wonderful sensory art project!
Build an Apple Tree - Art + Parts of an apple tree!

Do you have a favorite preschool apple theme activity or science experiment? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to send me a note, leave a comment, or stop by my Preschool Powol Packets Facebook page and tell me all about your favorite science project or activity featuring apples!

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